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Parents and citizens association

Strong partnerships between a school, its teachers, parents, and community make a positive contribution to student learning. With increased local decision-making in schools, the significance of parent and community engagement will also increase.

As a first step, we have developed a new guide for strengthening family and community engagement in student learning which identifies seven dimensions of family and community engagement

  • communication
  • connection between learning at home and at school
  • building community and identity
  • recognition of the role of the family
  • consultative decision-making
  • collaboration beyond the school
  • participation 

It provides strategies for different schools. The resource was developed as part of the parental engagement project, one of the six National key reform projects funded by the Australian Government through the Smarter Schools National Partnership.

The guide also links to research on the importance of family and community engagement for improved student learning outcomes and contains school planning strategies and tools.

Everyone that attends parents and citizens association (P&C) can have a say and decisions are made democratically by a majority of members. The Mount Pritchard P&C is extremely active within the school and our uniform shop is also operated by the P&C.

Our fundraising committee is well supported throughout the community with events occurring each year. Meetings are held in the community room beginning at 2pm on the first Monday of the month.

On behalf of the P&C and school community, we would like to invite you to attend these meetings.  

P&C Executive Committee


Ms Melissa Moore

Vice President

Mrs Melanie Sadovy


Mrs Rebecca Siemionow


Mrs Lorenza Zappia-Cappello